My Modal One present in "La Lettre Ferroviaire n° 266"


Are you looking to optimize your supply chain?
To reduce your carbon footprint?

For better visibility, discover our digital solution My Modal One in the published article in La lettre ferroviaire n°266 !
"Supply chain: the My Modal One application intends to facilitate the management of the railway link" (p.13)

"We believe that the principle of road pooling can be adapted and developed in rail transport" Olivier MAUREL President and founder of MCLedger

“The platform developed by MCLedger makes it possible to build complementarity between the players and sustainably strengthen the modal shift." Nicolas Chambon, Managing Director of Modalis

On page 14, find an article on the first user of “My Modal One”: Delta Rail, a subsidiary of Modalis.

Download the entire rail letter via this link:

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