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The "My Modal One" platform

Brakes with the choice of multi modality

Rail transport poorly connected to the supply chain

Lack of visibility and reliability

Load rupture management & control

Complex pricing

My Modal One Solution

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Digital Control Tower

- 1 web portal for all your operations : transport, customs, pre- and post-delivery
- From ordering to invoicing for multimodal transport : train, road & river
- All of your supplier partners together for better collaboration & data collection
- New multimodal paths that are more economical and greener
- Access to Dashboard, KPI & Reportings

Creation of a real ecosystem

1 solution from bid to execution

Ease of information exchange

Visibility over the entire supplychain

Information tracing, data sharing & exchange

My Modal One can aggregate and delivers content from other logistics solutions: SAP, Oracle

Readability & Cost control

Fully integrated fleet management (wagons, damage, penalties)


A digital, multimodal & eco-responsible platform

My Modal One is a cloud solution accessible on all computer terminals , bringing together all of your logistics & transport partners , you offering more visibility and services profession .

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Increased productivity through integration

Creation of your ecosystem to streamline your processes and increase the efficiency and transparency of your operations

Better reliability thanks to better visibility

Immediate visibility: Customs, Dematerialized transport documents (edit, send & download), Invoices, Order status

Improved carbon footprint

Ability to apply a bonus-malus policy

More options for transportation

Lower costs and better efficiency

More benefits / services

A scalable platform

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1 scalable platform with the ability to authorize and deliver content from other logistics solutions.

A mobile application for your operators (carriers)

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Thanks to this mobile application designed for your carriers , they will be able to:

  • Declare the goods in your mode of transport
  • Have access to transport & order monitoring
  • Update all information in "real time"


Customizable - allowing the monitoring of key indicators - including CO2


Ability to handle container logistics from seaports as dry, but also to manage conventional rail with or without interface with road or river.

Monitoring of Co2 savings

Calculation of CO2 savings achieved by transport and cumulative on the basis of the actual transport plan.